1. Software Installation

Working with you, we upload your data into CheckupOnline as part of your on-boarding process. Our team works to ensure the mapping of your sites, locations, functions, and rooms are up to date, your audit schedule is commensurate with your risks, your user access is appropriate and that you are ready to start auditing.

2. Training and Education

How to Use Checkup

Training is provided during the on-boarding phase on “how to use” CheckupOnline to ensure users feel comfortable in using the system.

How to Audit

To audit any cleaning standard, you must first be able to understand the cleaning standards policies, and how and why we audit. Infection Prevention Australia offer Cleaning Auditor training to ensure you have the skill set to effectively audit your organisation.

Training and Education can be delivered either on-line or in a face-to-face environment at a mutually agreed place and time.

3. Third Party Auditing

CheckupOnline was created by the founder and Director of Infection Prevention Australia – Michelle Bibby. With years of industry experience both within Infection Control and Cleaning Standards the desire to create a simple, yet robust auditing tool was established.

If you do not have the staff or skills to audit, IPA can audit for you.

4. Support

IPA is here for you. CheckupOnline support is provided by way of phone or email during business hours with published SLA’s to give you peace of mind.

5. Other Services

IPA offers a range of Infection Prevention and Control services including:

  • Acting as the IP&C internal and/or external representative on an organisations IP&C committee
  • Antimicrobial stewardship programs
  • Audit and Risk Services (IP&C and Cleaning) and site inspection services to relevant Standards and Guidelines
  • Development and / or review of organisational infection control policies and procedures
  • General infection prevention and control consulting advice and services
  • Development and implementation of IP&C risk management and improvement plans
  • Occupational exposure services
  • Outbreak management and case reviews
  • Pandemic preparedness planning and advice
  • Policies, procedures and tools for a range of health care industries
  • Specialist infection prevention and control advice and services e.g. COVID-19, Influenza, Gastroenteritis
  • Specialist consulting services with regards to the design and implementation of work practices to minimize infection risk
  • Staff competency assessments
  • Staff health and immunization advice
  • Training and education services including a range of on-line self directed training
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