Cleaning standards auditing requires a thorough knowledge of the applicable cleaning standard relevant to your industry, the resources, skills, and tools to undertake valid audits efficiently, and access to meaningful data.

Auditing can assist in improving outcomes, support and maintain accreditation requirements, address gaps in service delivery, and identify key deliverables as part of contract negotiation and management.

By auditing your cleaning standards, you will demonstrate a consistent approach to a clean safe work environment where risks are minimised, and you have access to timely data to manage performance.

CheckupOnline is an automated, cleaning standards auditing tool that will enable efficient and effective cleaning standard auditing.

If you require more information on CheckupOnline, education on how to audit, or other support on how to correctly audit a facility please view our “Other Services” here


CheckupOnline provides for automated audit scheduling as part of the input of organisational data.  The risks of your environment drive the creation of your audit schedule at a location and room level. The tool tells an individual, where and what to audit each month.


  • Quick and efficient auditing
  • Audit schedules aligned with risk profiles
  • Dashboard available for instant feedback
  • Smart phone or tablet compatible
  • Variety of instant reporting that can be downloaded in different formats
  • Benchmarking of elements and departments across your organisation


Return to your desktop following your audit session and generate a variety of reports in many different formats

  • Rectifications
  • Failed Elements reports
  • Trending data
  • Area specific & organisational scores